Why You Need to Grow Shrubs In Your Garden

021.PNGShrubs provide shelter and food for birds and animals. The environment is amazing with shrubs in it. Creative landscape designs are made of shrubs. Many people prefer shrubs that are of medium height because they blend in well in trees, grass lawns and herbaceous plants. They are ideal for the garden because of their fullness especially in winter. See more on Bakersfield shrubs.

It is advisable to keep your landscape with plants of varying heights. This gives an intermediate height to tall and short trees. There are different sizes of shrubs. Some are tall and narrow while others are wide and short. Shrubs are best planted when they are of a mature size. This will give them an opportunity for them to grow well. Berries are found on shrubs and known to attract birds and also provide shelter for them making them ideal for people who love the sight of birds in their gardens. They also have flowers that have nectar which attracts hummingbirds and butterflies.Read more on http://elitegardenandlandscape.com/#!home.

Additionally, shrubs during summer and spring are colorful and provide fragrant and also produce berries much later in the season. This adds a beautiful color to the brown landscape. When leaves fall, the woody structure of shrubs is what is left. There are shrubs that have colorful stems of red, purple and red color such as the dogwoods. You can keep the pruned branches to be used in making floral arrangements.

Shrubs are easy to grow and require little maintenance.
Fall is the ideal time to plant shrubs. This is because the soil is warm making it easy for the roots to remain firm.
Also, roots of shrubs grow much deeper and faster compared to turf grass. This way they require less water. You can decide to buy certain shrubs like the oak leaf hydrangea that are colorful throughout the year.

Shrubs are used to design paths, seclusion and boundaries. This means there is no need to build a wall or a fence. Shrubs are a source of shade for pools and bird baths in hot seasons. Also, they are some varieties that are rot resistant and planted in areas where drainage is poor to enhance the quality of soil. Well placed shrubs can reduce energy consumption in summer months. When well planted, it provides warmth during winter and cool air during summer.

Shrubs keep the air fresh from dust and pollutants. They also reduce the amount of water that runoffs during rainy season. Hospital patients recover faster when they have a green landscape. Research to find the best shrubs that fit your garden are. You can read different website to get to learn about the different varieties that are available. Proper care and maintenance is required to ensure your garden looks amazing.


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